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Our Profile

Our Story

Molders – Design & Build Ltd. is a leading Design, Construction and Engineering company in Ghana.

We are a group of professionals inclined towards developing and implementing creative ways of building. Our objective is to employ creative design and engineering techniques across all fields of the human environment. The company is categorized into two main departments:

  • The Design Team (Creative Studio)
  • The Building Team

In a country slow to imbibing new / green ways of building, we intend to gradually introduce and implement green / sustainable building methods to our clients. We aim to mold the environment to meet the future needs of humans.

Our Vision

We aim to operate throughout Africa and help improve the lives of most Africans through sustainable design, engineering, and construction works.

In a continent with diverse traditions, we intend to knit together various cultures to form a common identity while cooperating with locals to preserve the vernacular architecture of different regions.

We aim to create net-zero buildings by employing sustainable techniques throughout our activities in Africa, a continent vastly untouched with respect to pollution. Synergy and sustainability are integral to the company’s philosophy.

Who We Are

“As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster

Molders is one of Ghana’s cutting-edge, contemporary and ingenious Design + Build firms. At Molders, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our work is not only affordable but also tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients. We work closely with our clients, understanding every fine detail of their requests and guiding their visions to achieve the best results. We first listen, in order to understand their wants and needs, and then add value.

We then follow through with design and construction; bringing the visions and dreams of our clients to life is our greatest pride and priority.

The Molders team is one that has been sieved through a highly selective process to produce the best collaboration of qualified staff and grounds men who are driven by a common success goal. Establishing a long-lasting quality relationship with our clients based on consistent delivery of value, innovative design methods, quality construction, top class engineering, and genuinely sincere trusted clientele service.

Each member of the Molders team is highly qualified and brings to the table an impressive combination of formal education and experience. At Molders, we couldn’t agree more with Frank Gehry who said that “A BUILDING SHOULD SPEAK OF ITS TIME AND PLACE, BUT YEARN FOR TIMELESSNESS.”